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Find safety equipment and supplies here. Make an investment that matters!

Read the latest news on the safety and transportation sectors.

We make a compromise on quality.

We manufacture a wide range of components and supplies for lifting, storing and transportation. Our priority is to provide the safest and most reliable products you can find in the market, for a very accessible price, and in a wide range of sizes, shapes and models. We aim to be a supporter of your business, a supplier you can count on for anything you need. We deliver in time, manufacture in time, and get in time all you need so you can do your own job. You can always count on HYmatic, we will always be available for your requests and your needs.

Safety starts at the very beginning

Not providing the safest working environment for your employees can seriously harm your business. The transportation and cargo handling sectors are phisically dangerous for workers, because there are many risky situations they must face every day. For that reason, you need to provide them with all safety implements they need to do their job without putting their health and their lives on the line.

Supplies you use, like lines, straps, hooks and ratchets must also be safe and manufactured under strict quality regulations. A line that breaks, a hook that cracks, a helmet that is too soft or fragile, a chain with one poorly made ring, can cause accidents in the working space. You may lose plenty of money in cargo, have your employee out of work, and even face charges if the accident happened because you didn’t provide a safe enough working environment.

HYmatic products are the solution

When you work with our products, you can lift that weight from your shoulders. We offer reliable components and products for handling cargo. Lifting, transporting, storing and securing loads has never been safer and easier than with our hooks, lines and straps. You will be making a great investment in your own business by using HYmatic’s supplies. 


Read our blog!

Our passion for our job doesn’t stop in our manufacturing activities. Some of us like to keep a blog with constant updates and new articles with relevant information about the world of cargo management, load handling, transportation and safety measures and regulations. 

Our blog is free acces for everyone, so if you are interested and want to learn more about cargo safety, then we invite you to check our articles. We will keep you up to date on the latest trends and news, as well as deals and opportunities in the market of cargo handling.

Even if all our articles are written by dedicated professionals with years of experience in this area, we still keep an accessible language and a way to explain things that is very easy to understand. Anyone can learn something from our blog!


With HYmatic products, you will be complying with the strictest safety regulations, so you can access higher levels of accreditation from organizations in the UK as well as international. These certifications and badgets are great for your business because they will attract many customers, both particular and corporate, to your company.

Find straps, hooks, lines, safety equipment and signals here.


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