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In 2017, some Nike female employees privately launched a survey on internal management of the company to collect allegations of the lack of fairness in pay for men and women. After the report was passed to the hands of CEO Mark Parker, Nike launched a large-scale internal investigation and immediately dismissed a group of executives. nike air max shoes.Wall Street reported that Nike’s internal rectification lasted for several months, and some people were dismissed and others were rewarded. The US sports giant announced that it will raise more than 7,000 employees after the company completes its internal review and will improve the company’s salary and benefits program. Subsequently, the Nike spokesperson confirmed the news.
Nike has been changing its corporate atmosphere and system in the past few months due to internal problems such as improper personnel management. For this salary increase plan, Nike claims to “make employees feel a corporate atmosphere that is accepted and supported.” “This month, we will update our employees’ compensation and rewards,” a Nike spokesperson told Business Insider. “With Nike’s rewards program, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our employees and provide differentiated, competitive compensation and benefits. To integrate employees into the company culture. According to Nike’s data, although the proportion of men and women in the global employees is comparable, only 29% of the company’s hundreds of vice presidents are women, described by former employees as “boys club”. At the same time, there is a gap between men’s and women’s salary. Until May of this year, Nike initially completed the internal rectification. The final outcome is that as many as 11 Nike executives have been dismissed within two months – through a large-scale self-clearing portal, American brands have demonstrated their determination to fully rectify. At the same time, Nike CEO Mark Parker publicly apologized for internal issues at all staff meetings.