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Every pair of shoes has its source of stories and design inspiration. Just like the concept of the backbone of Air Max 95, and the story of “Air Max 95 for BMW” rooted in the Japanese trend culture, it belongs to the subculture of shoes. . They make the shoes no longer stop at the level of “dead matter,” become flesh and blood, full of shape and spirit. I do not know is the official background story, or the mass of a pass ten, pass ten hundred, anyway, Air Max 97 “silver bullet” is with the Japanese Shinkansen train has forged a bond. It is true that the sense of speed and streamlined lines of the Shinkansen in Japan are indeed similar to those of the Air Max 97. This, in addition to the dominance of the Japanese shoe culture in the Asian region in the 1990s, does not seem to be a problem. It’s a bit of a relationship with the train… You don’t do such a dangerous move, but in fact, the Japanese Shinkansen train did not bring direct design enlightenment to Air Max 97. Instead, the purely industrial texture of Christian Tresser’s favorite mountain bike is its direct source of inspiration. The so-called industrial texture is actually quite general. According to the author’s interview with some of the foreign media and Christian Tresser, the industrial texture of his mouth is exactly the glossy modern metal sense, which coincides with the mainstream science fiction and metal culture of the 90s.

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The consumer, Ms. Guo, purchased a NIKE air-cushioned shoe with a price of RMB 1,399 (a discounted price of 923.17 yuan) at a NIKE counter in Nanjing. Ms. Guo told the Yangzi Evening News Consumer Review Group columnist that the air cushion series belonged to the mid- to high-end products of the NIKE brand. At that time, the expensive pair of air-cushioned shoes were selected. At one point, they were directed at the NIKE brand, and the second was to wear comfortable and quality nike air max, However, what Ms. Guo did not think of was that on April 21, three days later, when she was out wearing a new NIKE shoe for the first time, she suddenly felt that she was walking one way higher than the other. “Leaky. Faced with the views of the Nanjing Consumer Association staff, NIKE counter sales staff then contacted the dealer. The final processing advice was: “The manufacturer believes that the customer has improperly worn or touched a dangerous problem, resulting in leaks. , Non-quality problems. Manufacturer processing results: no refund, no change, can not be repaired.” Faced with the results of the business process, Nanjing Consumers Association staff asked the sales staff: “This shoe can not be repaired, before the sale, you have prompted the consumer?” Sales staff said, “I also want to teach consumers to wear Shoes should be careful? And tips did not prompt, but also no evidence!” Then the Yangzi Evening News consumer review group column reporters and NIKE official customer service contact. The reporter asked to know, NIKE air cushion shoes can not be repaired? Another netizen named Liu Anan posted on the Internet for help. He said that the newly purchased NIKE cushioned shoes only leaked for more than a month, and the store did not return any goods. The consumer Mr. Ma spent 1,000 yuan to buy “NIKE” sports shoes. Mr. Ma said that he felt comfortable when he had just put on, but walked a little deeper after a while. Carefully check, the original cushion of a shoe did not gas. As he was still in the warranty period, he quickly got the “NIKE” store repairs. Unexpectedly, the clerk contacted the NIKE shoe repair department and told him that there was no way to repair the broken air cushion.