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It’s time for the double eleven to pick up the goods. Isn’t a lot of favorite things added to the shopping cart? Xiaobian double eleven most want to buy sports shoes (sports wear)! Because recently the small series of sports shoes have been sacrificed because of some pets! For this pet Xiaobian, it’s just too much! Among the many sports brands,cheap air max 2019, Xiao Bian still looks at Nike’s shoes, but how do you know Nike in Chinese? Actually! It is not called Nike at all, but /’naiki:/. The source of Nike is actually the Greek goddess of victory. The name of this goddess of victory is Nike (Nike is the name of the Greek goddess who personifies victory.). In fact, the names of many of our sports brands in life are wrong after they were introduced to China. Among them, Nike is another big brand “Adidas”. The specific reading is: /’adi,das/, accented in a and second d. Adidas is from Germany and now has a number of series, including the children’s wear sports series. Previously Adidas and Puma (/’pum/) were a brand and a well-known family business, but in 1948, because the two brothers did not share the family, then the brother set up Puma, and the younger brother established Adidas. Compared to Adidas’s wide range of trends, Puma used to be more liked by some football fans. However, it has recently been revised and refined, and the shoes are much more comfortable than before. There is also UA (/nd ɑrm/), UA full name Under Armour, native speakers will basically call Under Armour directly, not an abbreviation. The Under Armour literal translation is under armor, that is, it can be worn under the armor, and it is light and breathable.