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Keke’s Pegasus is a pair of cushioning running shoes that are popular with runners. It has now been updated to the 35th generation, Pegasus 35. The biggest highlight of this running shoe is the use of a pointed heel design similar to Vaporfly,cheap air max 95 online, priced at $ 120 (about 760 yuan). Pegasus evolved from the previous single-back Zoom cushion to the current front and rear air cushions to make the performance even better. The latest 35th generation also introduced the pointed heel used on the previous high-end running shoes Vaporfly Elite. . This means that this streamlined design has been approved by enough users, and it is very likely that there will be more running shoes in the future, which will inevitably lead to a new trend. It is said that Pegasus will also have a high-end version of ZoomX material, which means that the mass production of ZoomX is basically solved, and it is worth looking forward to.